Tune up intervals?

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Thu Sep 8 21:30:58 EDT 2005

Mike,  What's a tune up, beyond that a wallet thinning, parts buying, feel
good exercise?

Now at 200K on the 200-20V, I've replaced the original O2 sensor with a
Bosch generic about 30K ago, found one bad plug at about the same time so
replaced the set, and a distributor gear when I was doing a GB on them.  All
else is original, DFI if IAB!


> From: "Mike Del Tergo" <mdeltergo at hotmail.com>
> I just had an 02 sensor go bad after just 2yrs 30K miles. (no mods)  What do
> most people get from tune up items 02/cap/rotor/plugs/fuel filter?
> thx
> Mike

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