Tune up intervals?

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 9 19:38:33 EDT 2005

As I mentioned the 02 was bad, poor mileage and throwing codes, but you 
lightened your wallet for 5 whole plugs?  What where you thinking?  I got my 
13913 Bosch universal for $37.99. It came with a $10 store giftcard.  
(advanced auto parts) Enough to buy the 0ne plug you needed.
Seems to me the extra $40-$50 you paid for the other 4 plugs was flagrant 
wallet lightening.

>Mike,  What's a tune up, beyond that a wallet thinning, parts buying, feel
>good exercise?
>Now at 200K on the 200-20V, I've replaced the original O2 sensor with a
>Bosch generic about 30K ago, found one bad plug at about the same time so
>replaced the set, and a distributor gear when I was doing a GB on them.  
>else is original, DFI if IAB!

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