Tune up intervals?

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 10 09:02:21 EDT 2005

Can't say on the 200K interval, only 175 on one 20V and 100K on the other. 
Just firmly tongue in cheek, spouting the Ben company line!  20V turbo plugs 
in an NA 20V, overkill and wallet lightening to the max!  You brother in 
arms Ned Ritchie posts his story on the longevity of the Bosch WRDC plugs on 
his site, prolly good for 150K!  Can't imagine you running $14 plugs when 
$1.50 plugs will do, my world has been turned upside down!

>Let's hear what you've replaced, and how many times, in the last 200K!
>Those Bosch plugs, unique to the 200-20V, are the best I've ever used in 
>car.  Running a set in my 90-20V also. Overkill?

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