PyRo pyro_10314 at
Sun Sep 11 11:25:58 EDT 2005

yeah but how much did you have to spend in court fees
compared to the price that it wouldve cost you just to
fix it on your own?  of course you would like to see
the scumbags pay for it but sometimes its just not
worth it

--- PeterBergin at wrote:

> Along time ago my Corvette got towed under similar
> circumstances and they 
> screwed up the alignment and bent the plastic
> spoiler.  Bottom line was I was 
> stupid to park their, however they were responsible
> (in court) for the damage 
> they caused.  Don't let them fix it, state your case
> and listen to their 
> responses, document everything (with names and
> times).  It will be a hassle, but you 
> will get them to the plate.
> Pete
> 91 Avant
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