[V8] Front balljoint boots

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Mon Sep 12 18:22:31 EDT 2005


I replaced several on my 90Q-20V, same part.  Shop around for price.
I bought mine at Impex for $15. each a year or so ago.  Rip off, but cheaper
than the alternative.  You don't need to replace the retainer rings.  Most
dumb wrenches destroy the boots when they pry the ball joint shaft out of
the wheel bearing housing, DIY is the way to go.  Add some oil into the
installed boot, hypo needle along the shaft, before installing the shaft
into the housing.


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> OK.  Now this is nutty.  I checked with the dealer and the boots alone are
> over $20 ea. (not including the two snap rings to hold it in place).  I'm
> doing at least four of them.  I want to avoid replacing the entire arms  --
> TRW ~$100 ea, Lemforder ~$190 ea and Dealer (gulp) ~$390 ea.
> C'mon -- you've got to be kidding.  Anyone (Bernie?) have an alternative?
> Audi #431 407 377 A.
> Thanks.
> Ingo
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