Henry A Harper III hah at
Mon Sep 12 21:22:16 EDT 2005

>     Are the antennas (antennae) on my 91 200 TQ amplified? I am getting no
> AM reception and weak FM. I have an aftermarket Kenwood CD player. I have
> tried the front and the back. Neither one is a noticeable improvement.
>     If these are amplified, where is the power wire? Where is the rear
> antenna?

Yes, both the front (windshield wire) and rear (top two "defroster wires" in
back window) are amplified, though AM comes only from the rear antenna -
stock head unit does diversity reception for FM only. I think it's the white
wire in the harness that powers the antenna amp(s), need to have that one
connected to your Kenwood's "amp turnon" lead or you'll experience...poor
reception. My Kenwood's amp turnon was the light blue wire, I connected only
the rear antenna, and the antenna amp wire, no reception complaints here. I
think the avant uses only the Fuba Beta "stinger" antenna (similar to VW
16V) above the hatch not the windshield wire, slightly different stock audio
setup than the sedan.

Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, 121k
1988 GTI 16v, 247k

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