[V8] Front balljoint boots

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 13 11:34:49 EDT 2005

Back when I did some front end work on my car, I wound up tearing one of the 
boots as well.  Talked to the local shop, and while they couldn't get boots 
for my car on the fly, what they suggested was to use the boots from a VW 
Bug ball joint, a part which they had in stock.  I don't remember what year 
car the ball joints were from, but it was an exact match.

So maybe you could get just those boots, or maybe even buying those ball 
joints would be cheaper than the prices you've been quoted.

Derek P

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OK.  Now this is nutty.  I checked with the dealer and the boots alone are
over $20 ea. (not including the two snap rings to hold it in place).  I'm
doing at least four of them.  I want to avoid replacing the entire arms  --
TRW ~$100 ea, Lemforder ~$190 ea and Dealer (gulp) ~$390 ea.

C'mon -- you've got to be kidding.  Anyone (Bernie?) have an alternative?
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