Distributor shaft gear

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 15 13:21:20 EDT 2005

That's absolutely true, and in fact we probably would have had a hard time 
doing it without him.  That was just me being a wise arse.  All that said. 
you got to admit that going with the strict definition of "fat wallet 
syndrome (don't fix it if it ain't broke)," buying a metal gear when the 
plastic is still working would qualify, Bernie's keystone position not 
withstanding. :)

Derek P

> >
> >So...in many cases it was seen as preventative medicine, or perhaps 
> >would call it "fat wallet syndrome."  Oh, and the metal gears make your 
> >faster too.
> >dp
>But, Derek, wasn't Bernie a substantial contributor to the process of
>having the gears manufactured?

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