Turbo after run pump

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 15 15:30:56 EDT 2005

As long as I'm replying today, might as well reply to this one as well.

By my experience, don't waste your time trying to repair the after run pump. 
  By the time it fails, the entirety of the pumps plastic impellor housing 
will have become very brittle (kind of like the distributor gear), and 
repairing the pump may wind up to be a "Humpty Dumpty" operation.

When mine failed, it was leaking from where the two halves of the housing 
come together.  I tried to repair using pipe dope (non-thc version), but 
when removing the hoses from the pump the pump inlet pipe broke off.

Of course you can always do as suggested and graft in a seperate pipe, but 
for me the end result was a new pump, some leaked coolant, and an unused jar 
of dope.

Derek P

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Steve Gronback
tgsgronback at mindspring.com

The After run turbo pump let go in my car.  First time I had to tow the car
in ages.

Can I repair the pump....it sprays from the center of what appears to be
two plastic discs?

Can I temporarily by-pass the pump?

Or, should I just go ahead and order a new one before digging in.....

As always,
Thanks, Steve

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