Steering rack options Rbade12 at
Mon Sep 19 18:13:08 EDT 2005

A friend and I replaced the rack on his 89 200. We got the replacement from  
Jorgen and a were very pleased with it. BTW, that job sucked!!! See below:
for the 5000 series cars) 
Steering rack rebuild - call 800 333 0600,  Jorgen Automotive in Ann Arbor, 
MI. Price is $150 exchange, they put a stainless  steel sleeve into it, 
guaranteed for as long as you own it (are you listening,  Audi?), plus they will pay 
for up to three hours labor for whoever installed it  if it fails - now THAT'S 
a guarantee! (Mention the Audi list!)  
Have not used them yet, but spoke to them and they definitely seem to know  
what they're talking about. YMMV, usual disclaimers.  
My rack is leaking to the tune of about a cup of green gold a week, so Jorgen 
 will soon be getting my spare to rebuild.  
Check the archives for R&R procedures - there are some tricks to make  this 
miserable job a little less so.  
Best Regards, 

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