track pads for the 200

Brett Dikeman brett at
Tue Sep 20 11:18:34 EDT 2005

Last year at Tremblant I borrowed a set of pads from a fellow lister- we
think they were Paul Weston carbon pads, but nobody is really sure, and
they were not marked, far as I can remember.

I liked them, though it seemed like they really needed some heat;
initially they wouldn't have much bite, but as they heated up braking for
a turn they'd really haul the car down (which I suppose is good-
progressive, and only get stronger as they heat up instead of fading out.)
 I ended up with some streaks of pad material; rotor surface was very poor
and the brake ducts were missing, so maybe that partially explains it.

Anyway- email to Paul Weston went unanswered several days ago, and nobody
answers the phone.  I sent another email from a different address, but
this guy seems a little hard to get ahold of, and the website is a
disaster;java applets used as buttons...[shudder].

So I need pads- by end of this week or early next week.  Don't especially
care about dust that much long as it won't eat the hell out of the wheels.
 I am looking for something that will stand up well to track rotor
temperatures.  Modulation/progressiveness would be a plus, since the UFOs
are not the easiest to modulate.

I'd rather not have to mess around with sending in backing plates.

Any recommendations?


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