Parking Brake cables, R&R

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Tue Sep 20 19:41:23 EDT 2005

Hi Bernie,

I took some photos when I replaced my cables and didn't remove exhaust. 
Heat shield has to be moved as far forward as possible.  Penetrating oil on 
adjustment screw is needed, as it's a long bolt and dirty--pain to get 
enough extensions on to reach it and you need a long 10mm socket and a 
knuckle-- but better than removing anymore than necessary.  The cables are 
"locked" on with some keepers and pulling/driving those off was difficult, a 
pain--as Peter noted.  Once the front ends are unhooked/loose unhooking the 
rears are straightforward.  I have a few pics from my replacement.  I'll 
send them to you later.  After removal I could not move my old cables 
back/forth in the sheathes by hand--new ones slid easily--no more hammer 
underneath the car to release brakes in the winter, yeah!!

Took car in for emission test today, passed, but high on particulates on 
idle 218ppm with 220 as limit, whew, that was close.  Idle is slightly 
rough, but even at ~800rpm.  Dash circuit board is on last legs--need to 
take it out and solder in jumpers across the cracks in the board...

Dave D
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> My bad, my digipics show that I DID remove exhaust, but I have done it
> before w/o removing it.
> -Peter
> At 06:48 PM 9/20/2005, Peter Schulz wrote:
>>BTDT 3x...
>>Good news is that you DON'T have to drop the exhaust.  What you need are
>>some long-handled needle nose pliers to remove the parking cables from the
>>I found that I had to remove the cross member and heat shield - remove the
>>nuts and completely remove the cross member, remove the nuts holding the
>>heat shield and pull it to the front of the car.
>>The pivot is offset to one side - take note of that before removing the 
>>cable.  There are also two clips that hold the cable casing ends near the
>>pivot - I found that I could remove them by using a "cats paw" and pulling
>>I'll look for some digipics and send them to you....
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