Parking Brake cables, R&R

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Tue Sep 20 21:40:06 EDT 2005

can't help assuming you have a sedan, on the avant, neither the exhaust or 
drive shaft need removal BTDT X 2.  One recommendation is to replace the U 
clips that hold the front ends of the cables in place and use E clips 
instead.  You can manipulate these, i.e., put some serious leverage on them 
to slid into place where the U clips are usually crappy and can't take any 
lateral forces without crapping out. I used very long industrial needle 
noses and the clipped right in. Your right a real PITA.

Bernie Benz b.benz at

Anyone have words of wisdom for this project?  How does one disengage them
from their anchor points at the actuating pivot?  Can this be done without
R&R'ing the exhaust system and drive shaft?

Thanks,  Bernie

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