Track pads for the 200 SuffolkD at
Tue Sep 20 21:58:22 EDT 2005

Brett:  I got 5 events out of 1/2 worn OEM or aftermarket pads which came on 
the car.  Admittably I went through rears in 3 events.  They worked okay, even 
better with flushing the fluid.  I have the audi ducts in place.  I'd go HVAC 
scoop and dryer duct zip tied for real hot laps...................UFO work 
fine for DE events.  Just use them in braking zones, don't DRAG them into the 
braking zone / "box".

I have the fronts (changed at WG2) here and they are Bernie style, thin as a 
credit card..............................
-Scott by BOSTON
> From: Bernie Benz <>
> Brett,
> >From a street perspective, I'm currently running Textar 21219s, which are
> reboxed Jurid 526 FEs at about half the price of Stealer's 526 FEs (Audi
> #441 698 151D).  Jurid also has an aftermarket pad, Jarid 571562J.
> No BTDT, but try Autozone MKD 467s and report back, probably also a
> Jurid/Bendix product.
> Bernie
> > From: "Brett Dikeman" <brett at>
> > Last year at Tremblant I borrowed a set of pads from a fellow lister- we
> > think they were Paul Weston carbon pads, but nobody is really sure, and
> >

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