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>Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 09:15:06 -0400
>To: "Derek Pulvino" <dbpulvino at hotmail.com>
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>Subject: Re: Airbag Light?
>Before working on the steering wheel/column, you shoud disconnect the 
>airbag from its power supply.
>The connector is located on the passenger (right) side of the console....
>I believe that all you need to do to remove the console side cover is to 
>locate and remove one philips screw.
>Connector is underneath.
>Separate the connector, this disconnects the airbag from its back up power 
>supply ( located in the center console under and behind the Climate 
>Control head)
>You may have disturbed the airbag connector on the column...
>remove the steering column cover ( two philips screws accessible from 
>You will see a 2-3mm cable going from the steering wheel to a red 
>connector on the right side of the column- this connects the airbag clock 
>spring to the column.  Depress the small tab holding this connector to the 
>lower column cover and gently pull straight up - reseat this connector and 
>it should take care of the airbag light.
>Put everything back together in reverse order
>At 10:42 PM 9/20/2005, you wrote:
>>Hey all,
>>If a connection comes loose on the airbag system, does the idiot light stay
>>on until the connection is fixed, or until a fault code type thing is
>>cleared?  The other day I took off the top steering column cover and the
>>airbag light came.  As I kind of forced the cover off, I think I messed up a
>>connection, but can't seem to find an obviously loose one.  Just trying to
>>get a read on what I did.
>>...and how easy is it to causean airbag to go off errantly?  I don't really
>>understand the system so don't know how cautious to be.  So far I'm not
>>interested in really touching anything as I don't want a face full of
>>airbag.  In other word I've been very cautious to date.
>>Derek P
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