Parking Brake cables, R&R

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Wed Sep 21 18:38:30 EDT 2005

You're correct about the front mounting points. 
My cables were fine except for a break in each
 housing where they turned to go to the caliper.
 Here the PO used a glob of silicone to repair
 the break. Since no attempt was made to isolate
 the silicone from the cable, the spring could not
 overcome the grip of the silicone and the resulting
 tighter radius made by the broken housing. Once
 it was loose at that point, I could manually push/
 pull the cable. The retaining clips are the most
 aggravating part, but also the most rewarding,
 once completed without buying new tools.
 Are you fixed yet?

Bernie Benz <b.benz at> wrote:

> From: Dan Forbing 
> Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 17:31:37 -0700 (PDT)
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> Subject: Re: Parking Brake cables, R&R
> Bernie,
> I replaced mine this summer and did remove (half of) the exhaust. I started at
> the caliper end and pushed back enough slack to allow the adjuster ends to
> slip off and installed the new ones the same way.
No way if your cables are frozen in their housings! If not, don't replace.
The cable housing front anchor will not move forward thru its chassis
mounting bracket to provide the necessary slack at the pivot to remove the
cable ends.
> That way I didn't have to
> try to adjust anything or worry about twisting the threaded rod in half..As
> always, YMMV. Leaving the driveshaft on made the beer taste even better and I
> salute Peter if he did this without dropping the exhaust!
The way to go, Peter.

> Dan
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