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Beer, Jerald S. jbeer at boosecasey.com
Thu Sep 22 11:13:09 EDT 2005

  Good point about rainy days. However, I intentionally drive home on my
Blues to scrub the rotors clean (yes, they are very aggressive when not
hot). I then put the street pads back in. Going to the track I do it the
other way, and put the Blues in a couple of days before the event, to
scrub the rotors from the street pad.  With HP+, I just leave those in
all the time, no need to change IMHO. Most of the squeal comes from the
rears, so I run something quieter than HP+ back there just because it is
a PITA to change rears.
91 200qa

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Be careful with the blues, they are very aggressive. 
If your track day is rainy, wash the wheels
immediately or they will corrode from the dust.  You
will probably want to swap the street pads back while
still at the track because of this, and the noise. 
But yes, they are the ultimate track compound and can
make up for too-small stock calipers on a heavy,
modified car.

I use HP+ compound as my track pads on both my
turbo'ed cq with big red calipers and my B5 S4 with
stock calipers and had just fine results.  Yes if
sloppy you can get them to fade but trail-braking and
scrubbing speed with the tires I think gets you around
the track faster anyhow.  The HP+ are less aggressive
on the rotors and quieter so you can swap back to
street pads at your leisure.

Just IMO, most folks develop their own favorite
regimen with this and certainly YMMV.



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