track pads for 200

Phil Rose pjrose at
Thu Sep 22 11:41:52 EDT 2005

At 7:54 AM -0700 9/22/05, Matt twentyV wrote:
>Be careful with the blues, they are very aggressive.
>If your track day is rainy, wash the wheels
>immediately or they will corrode from the dust.  You
>will probably want to swap the street pads back while
>still at the track because of this, and the noise.
>But yes, they are the ultimate track compound and can
>make up for too-small stock calipers on a heavy,
>modified car.

Hawk Blue pads worked wonders with my old G60 brakes at the track, 
and I still use Hawk Blues for the track with my new BIRA upgrade 
(Carrera calipers). They can squeal a lot when cool (at low speeds), 
but my wheels (15" BBS and 16" Borbet) have never displayed any 
obvious corrosion problems despite much ("Blue") dust, rain and lack 
of prompt dust cleanup). I have heard warnings elsewhere about the 
"corrosion" from the Hawk Blue dust, but I guess it must depend a lot 
on the specific wheels used (i.e., type/condition of finish).


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