re. Parking Brake cables, R&R

Ben Swann benswann at
Thu Sep 22 22:02:04 EDT 2005


I've done it - kind of a pain as you have to slip hands up around the 
driveshaft/exhaust, but doable.  Need to remove the belly pan/splash/heat 
sheild to get to the cable yoke.  Release the cables from the calipers to 
remove tension.  Then they should slip off the yoke and can be threaded 
through the guides.  You may need to use a long set of needlenose pliers to 
grab them and work them off the yoke.

Soak the threaded rod with PT Blast/Kroil prior to removing the nut and pray 
it doesn't break.  This is so that the cables can be adjusted.


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Anyone have words of wisdom for this project?  How does one disengage them
from their anchor points at the actuating pivot?  Can this be done without
R&R'ing the exhaust system and drive shaft?

Thanks,  Bernie] 

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