still need UFO pads- bounty!

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Mon Sep 26 11:38:10 EDT 2005


Buy a couple of AZ sets, several years ago they were only $50.  As I said
before, they are most probably stock Jurid pads.  But you should be asking
for the full FMSI number, MKD 467.  These pads were never made in the D 467
material, nonmetalic organic.


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> Subject: still need UFO pads- bounty!
> After a week of looking, I still have nothing.
> Paul Weston Motorsports not only had no clue what pad I needed ("go to
> Hawk's website and look up the pad numbers") but after several days of
> trading emails, finally supplying the pad number Bernie gave me- he backed
> out at the last second saying he couldn't supply that kind of pad.  An
> offer to supply backing plates went completely ignored.
> Larry @ Carbotech, same deal.  No idea what car I was talking about,
> thought I had the pad application that is shared with the BMW, etc.  Give
> him the correct pad number: "sorry, we don't have that pad."  I'm waiting
> to hear if he can "re-shoe" a set of plates, but I'm not holding my breath
> that he can do it by Wednesday.
> I'm talking with Hawk Brakes (faxing them a trace of the plate etc), but
> they list the wrong application too, unless I'm missing something
> ( and plug in either a V8Q
> or 200q20v.)
> I'm now desperate, folks.  I don't really care who makes them- I just want
> pads that have a high enough temp rating for the track; ideally pads that
> don't have a high starting temp, so they're safe for the street (I'm
> driving 7 hours to the track each way.)
> So- a bounty.  $20 to the first lister who finds me a set either from a
> vendor or private(ie someone has a set of pads lying on a shelf), and I
> need them by wednesday night.  Pad number is, best I can tell, D467 (not
> sure of the thickness, sorry.)  Rears would be nice too, but I can go
> stock there if I have to.  BEWARE- numerous vendors think the "ate single
> piston" on the '91 is the same as the small ate single piston brakes used
> on earlier type 44's.  They are not even REMOTELY the same!  A lot of
> vendors also think ALL '91 200q20v's and V8Q's are equipped with the
> Girling G60's and list only that application...
> Brett
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