Brake Pads SuffolkD at
Mon Sep 26 15:12:55 EDT 2005

OMG a bounty?
A few laps left on these:
-Scott by BOSTON

> I'm now desperate, folks.  I don't really care who makes them- I just want
> pads that have a high enough temp rating for the track; ideally pads that
> don't have a high starting temp, so they're safe for the street (I'm
> driving 7 hours to the track each way.)
> So- a bounty.  $20 to the first lister who finds me a set either from a
> vendor or private(ie someone has a set of pads lying on a shelf), and I
> need them by wednesday night.  Pad number is, best I can tell, D467 (not
> sure of the thickness, sorry.)  Rears would be nice too, but I can go
> stock there if I have to.  BEWARE- numerous vendors think the "ate single
> piston" on the '91 is the same as the small ate single piston brakes used
> on earlier type 44's.  They are not even REMOTELY the same!  A lot of
> vendors also think ALL '91 200q20v's and V8Q's are equipped with the
> Girling G60's and list only that application...
> Brett

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