thanks to all who responded about pads

Brett Dikeman brett at
Mon Sep 26 22:18:11 EDT 2005

My plea resulted in a number of replies, and I'd like to thank  
(hopefully in good jest!) all those who did:

-Paul Royal for making the rounds with his connections
-SuffD for being "most enterprising" for offering up a set of, um,  
"used" pads for the bounty ;-)
-Mark Rosenkrantz for winning "most creative solution" (but in all  
honesty, I was having similar ideas :-)
-Peter Schulz for listening to me whine
-Louis_Alain_Richard Wins_The_Best_Research_Effort_Award ;-)
-Name Omitted (cousin of Toprotect DaInnocent) wins the "made me  
giggle the most" when he asked me if I thought 200q20v's would be  
competitive in SCCA racing.  I don't think so, but I'd pay to watch! ;-)
-Tom @ Hawk for doing research on the 'inside' to see if there was  
anything they could do, even going so far as to look up some big  
names in Audi tuning to be helpful (knew 'em, of course- but he  
really went out of his way, and I was impressed- especially compared  
to the attitude of the Carbotech guys.)

Last but not least...Nathan Engelbert, for telling me Porterfield  
makes pads for V8q's and hence 200q20vs, in pretty much all their  
compounds.  Ding, we have a winner- especially since the part number  
is similar to the FMSISISFMSWTF number, Porterfield drop-ships, etc  
etc.  A set of R4's are on the way, and some stock pads for the ride  
up and back (and backup in case the R4's don't cut the cheese.)

Anyway, I will report back with experiences with the R4's.  If anyone  
is interested in getting Hawk compounds on UFO plates, drop me a  
note- Tom said he'd ask around on the sales side to see if they'd do  
it.  If you can, include which compound(s) you'd be interested in.

Again, thanks to all who responded!


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