FP cutout

Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Tue Sep 27 19:47:15 EDT 2005

Sounds  like limp home mode to me.  Once you hit over boost in any gear, you
will see those symptoms until the ignition is cycled. Also could be a MAF
sensor I believe. I agree with cleaning the connectors.

about to buy my 3rd 200q20v   :-)

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Subject: FP cutout

> I  recently had an experience of Fuel pump cutout which has never happened
> to me in a 20V.  It took me a moment to recognize it.  It was Boost
> specific, not RPM, gear or road speed.
> It happened at 1.3 bar (indicated) in almost all gears. No codes and car
> since returned to normal.
> Diagnosis or BTDT?
> Mike
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