boggin down

andyschlueter andyschlueter at
Sat Apr 1 00:36:55 EST 2006

my avant has been bogging down lately.I recently took at 1200 mile roadtrip.
During this trip i had 4 poeple in the car and along with luggage. Under
full boost (20psi) engine kept pulling timing about 17-20psi. After
everyonewas out of the car, I could pull full boost normaly, but would pull
timing around 20-21psi. I do have the narrow euro rotor in my distributor,
and that when i noticed problems at high boost over 21psi. I think if i go
back to the stock rotor, i would fix that problem.
Now if i go over 12psi, the car boggs down but i can still pull 20psi. the
car starts to slow down when it boggs down. now i have a wandering idle and
some missfiring. I am wondering if my intake hose is collasping? any ideas?

Andrew W. Schlueter

'91 Audi 200tq20v Avant <> 


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