Brake Vibration Intermittent Rotors Calipers Brake Lines

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Re-packaged ( bby searchable subject header) for excellent info on older 
brake system vibrations and dragging calipers.... -Scott by BOSTON
From: "Daniel Stevens" <>> 
> this car has such low miles/driving time but is still nearly 20 years old. 
> as of last may the original owner had clocked 58K, 
> the 2nd owner drove 100miles/week when it wasn't being worked on for a 
> vibration issue I've come to realize.
> FYI if you have a vibration/brake caliper/rotor issue thats hard to resolve 
> on a near 20yr old car.
> CHANGE the brake flex lines.. they collapse/fail on the inside and act as a 
> 1 way valve. dragging a brake and inducing 
> vibration, but not constantly.. 
> damn $~20 part causes so much grief.

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