Distributor gear replaced, no start

Peter Schulz pcschulz at comcast.net
Sun Apr 9 09:11:52 EDT 2006


See if you can take some pictures and post...
You definitely have a timing issue...
Distributor  cap firing order is as you said, 1-2-4-5-3, starting 
from about the 8'clock position when looking at the dist with the cap off.


may help....


At 10:19 PM 4/8/2006, Ed Kellock wrote:
>My first thought is spark plug wire order.  I removed them all from the cap
>without marking and put them back starting with #1 and going clockwise
>through the firing order.  Is this an acceptable approach?  Bently says
>1-2-4-5-3, is this correct?
>When I removed the dist, I got the rotor in pointing at the #1 spark plug
>and set the 0 at the hash mark in the flywheel window.  Then I marked the
>distributor base and the mounting flange.  I did not notice the mark on the
>revolving hall window thingy inside the dist which of course has a mark that
>should line up with the mark on the dist body.  When I put it back, with my
>marks lined up, those marks were not.  I double-checked the 0 in the
>flywheel window and it had not moved, so I went with my marks, thinking
>maybe I shouldn't have lined up the 0 on the has mark but instead centered
>it on the S curve part in there like some of the pictures in the book show.
>Nevertheless, I believe I replaced it with the same timing as when I removed
>When I cranked it over, it would catch but not start.  There was one
>ill-timed firing which is when I quit cuz I know that indicates there's
>something not timed right.
>Anyhow, I've quit for the night and will return tomorrow morning to check
>timing marks etc.
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