Interior leaks, any BTDT?

Kneale Brownson kneale at
Sun Apr 9 22:06:16 EDT 2006

Footwell moisture frequently comes from a plugged drain in the HVAC well
under the rain diverter cover at the base of the windshield.  If you pull
that cover (take off wiper arms, pry up clips and the hood seal), and look
down into the bottom of the well in front of the plumbing that connects the
A/C evaporator box from the heater core/blower box, there's a rather large
rubber grommet that has a flapper drain.  The latter is a flattened rubber
tube that spreads open to allow water out.  Drains often are plugged with
vegetation like leaves, pine needles, acorns, etc.  You can stick a wooden
dowel about 1/4" to 3/8" into the drain to spread the sides of the tube. 

The other sources of footwell moisture include the heater core itself and
the windshield leaks you say you don't have.

At 08:16 PM 4/9/2006 -0500, Brian Larson wrote:
>Is there a likely source for an interior leak if the driver and passenger
>footwells have a little dampness to them?
>I am pretty sure the windsheild is not the culprit, and body corrosion does
>not seem to be an issue on this particular car.
>Any BTDT?
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