Distributor gear replaced, no start

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this will show the marks in all three locations (Except distrib)
Cam pulley, crank pulley and flywheel.

you have two covered, the cam should help.
Like Peter says the Firing Order starts around 8 o'clock
you can be 180 degrees off on the cam like others have mentioned HTH
-Scott by BOSTON

> From: "Henry A Harper III" <>
> To: "'Ed Kellock'" <ekellock at adelphia.net>
> Yes, since the flywheel/crankshaft rotates twice for every once that the
> camshaft does (and the dist is driven from the camshaft) you could be at the
> "wrong" 0 on flywheel and have dist 180 deg off if you haven't checked cam
> position/marks.
> >
> > Make sure the mark on the top lip of the distributor, and the
> > mark under the
> > rotor all line up facing the water manifold inlet (bently). Oh ya
> > check the
> > marks on the cam gear under plastic. There is an arrow on the valve cover
> >

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