Power loss and white smoke

Andy Schor walbum at realalbumart.com
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In case your email program filters out unknown addresses, this is from a 
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We met a few months ago, I have a silver '91 Avant and work along Baum Blvd. 
I don't have an 'off the cuff' answer for you, but I do have a Bentley (in 
case you don't).  You are more than welcome to borrow it.  If you want a 
reference for a mechanic who is familiar with our cars or anything else I 
can offer, get in touch with me.

Andy Schor
(412) 973-8562
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Subject: Power loss and white smoke

> Hey guys,
> I'm hoping that one of you can help me diagnose a problem I'm having.
> I've got a trustworthy local mechanic but he's not a 200 expert, nor
> even an Audi specialist.
> A bit of history -- probably three years ago I started the car on a cool
> morning and, for the first time, it put out a puff of smoke out the
> back.  Since then the car has had a stinky exhaust when first started
> after sitting but it passes emissions just fine when warmed up.  My
> mechanic guessed that some oil was making its way past the turbo and
> being burned off when first started.  The car hasn't been using a
> noticeable amount of oil.  I've been getting an indicated 1.7 bar of
> boost for a few years now instead of 1.8, but haven't been bothered
> enough to look into fixing that.
> Some of you might know this car as it's Greg Amy's old car.  It's been
> running without incident for the past five years here in Pittsburgh
> while I'm working on my phd.  It's got 193k miles on it now and I
> believe Greg's had the chip in there since about 100k miles.
> This past weekend I was accelerating hard (honestly, I don't do this
> often as I'm stuck in Pittsburgh, the city of potholes and I have
> cracked one rim here already) and heard a funny noise coincident with a
> dip in power.  The noise was sort of like a "grunk".  When I restarted
> the car about an hour later (I did let the car cool down before parking)
> the car put out enough whitish smoke to really scare me.
> When the smoke went away after a couple seconds, however, the car ran
> fine for the rest of the day and for the return leg of my road trip (240
> miles).  Gas mileage on the trip was normal too, 27 mpg on the highway.
> I have heard this grunk noise a couple times before but had chalked it
> up to mid-grade gas when the chip requires high octane, but was only
> half convinced it was premature detonation.  Now I really don't think
> that's it.
> Any ideas on what the problem could be?
> Thanks in advance,
> -George
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