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If I just replaced most of my coolant, and its dark already. I know my car
used to puffout white smoke and coolant is always dissapereing, sounds too
me I have a gasket issue too. I usally work on hummers and their hadgasket
leaks are real easy to detect, exhaust comes out the coolant resivoir every

How quickly sould the coolant system build pressure if has been started when
its been cold?

Andrew W. Schlueter
'91 Audi 200tq20v Avant

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You have a head gastket leak.  I've seen this before and although the car
seems to run fine now, at some point things will blow catastrophically.  You
have been lucky so far.  The extra pressure on the system will likely blow a
few things out and everything goes down hill quickly - busted open heater
valve, blown hoses, and last but not least -  warped head!  All of this will
happen at once when engine is hot and the rapid loss of coolant will do

Don't take any more chances, tow it to someone who will do the job if you
can't and get it fixed before it goes critical!

You should probably have the head pulled and checked as there may already be
a problem.  No need to have the job done twice.

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I've checked the coolant this morning and the level is low (it was full
Thursday) and it looks dark.  Since I didn't check it earlier, I don't know
if my 240 mile drive Sunday evening (where the car was driving
fine) contributed to the decline, or if it was a one-time leak.  It's weird
that I haven't seen any smoke since that first time Sunday at noon.

I started up the car this morning and the exhaust is clean and I'm not
seeing any bubbles in the coolant tank.  I've made an appointment for my
mechanic to look at it tomorrow.

Looking through the archives it seems that a couple other listers have
replaced their head gaskets.  I'm not completely without mechanical skills
but doing a head gasket myself is not going to happen.  The car has been
running great otherwise and I'm hoping that even if it needs a head gasket I
can justify the price.

Thank you all for your help,


Peter Schulz wrote:
> IMHO, I would not agree with Bernie about the longetivity of the 
> headgasket, especially the non metal ones..
> Over time and multiple previous owners, who can ensure that the head 
> has not overheated?  Are you going to trust the MFTS? LOL Increased 
> boost pressure with an upgraded cheap can reduce a compromised 
> headgasket's life even further...
> Audi eventually went to a metal headgasket, but I still observed that 
> as late as 1995 they still used the paper type ones on the S6 AAN motor.
> I've observed a number of failures first and second hand...ask my 
> friend Ray Tomlinson....
> -Peter
> At 11:17 PM 4/10/2006, Bernie Benz wrote:
>> Alan,
>> My post copies are not going to the list, so if you wish to repost 
>> this
>> list FYI, OK.
>> IMO, I5 head gaskets are bullet proof and not age dependent, unless 
>> the engine has been overheated enough to warp the head, which can 
>> cause immediate failure unless the head has been planed.
> -Peter Schulz
> Chelmsford Ma, USA]

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