Buzzing Fuel Pump- Time?

Kneale Brownson kneale at
Thu Apr 13 22:43:08 EDT 2006

Mine's been buzzing for the last 20K miles.   I carry a spare in the trunk,
along with the tools to replace it.

At 06:37 PM 4/13/2006 -0600, Kerry Griffith wrote:
>My apologies if I neglected to do a decent search in the archives. . .
>I just noticed a fairly loud buzzing from the fuel pump today, and 
>while I realize it's the death knell, I wonder if folks have experience 
>with how long the pump tends to last after it begins to howl?
>I'm going to have it replaced ASAP, but I need to drive it a bit first- 
>I hope. If you tell me it's as likely to die tomorrow as it is in a 
>week, I'll make other arrangements.
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