UFO Sightings?

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Well, if there really is no minimum thickness, then I'm fine with running 
the same rotors.  I guess I ran a little too long on the pads, as the 
annular ring of which you speak, located on the outer diameter of the rotor, 
is more or less gone.  I finally noticed the metal to metal sound yesterday 
while driving with the window open, otherwise, wasn't too loud.  Luckily, 
only a portion of  the pad backing made contact...the pad obviously didn't 
wear completely true.  One corner is slightly more worn than another.

If I find that the rotor needs replacing, at least now I know where to go.  
I'm just not ready to shell out a ton of money on rotors for a car with such 
high mileage.

Derek P

>Hi Derek,
>First, I have a pair of used but true UFO rotors that I could part with.
>Pad backing plate against rotor makes a bad noise! This is my passive wear
>sensor system for all four wheels, long ago spliced the active sensors out
>of the system. But the backing plates first only touch on the unworn 
>rings either side of the pad wear area and, as such causes no harm to the
>active rotor surface. You let yours go much longer?
>There is no min. safe rotor thickness, IMO. The purpose of the factory min.
>spec. is to sell new rotors with every pad change. Yours will probably be
>just fine with new pads. My original UFOs are up to 260K and looking good.
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> > Hey all,
> >
> > Has anyone heard of someone selling, or know of a good source for used 
> > rotors?  I'm getting ready to change front pads again, and noticed I've
> > gotten a little bit of metal on metal on the outer say 15% of the inner
> > braking surface.
> >
> > I wouldn't worry, but as best I can tell, these are the original rotors 
> > came with the car.  The car now has 230k on it, and the rotor seems to 
> > getting a bit thin.  The other part of the question would be, does 
> > know if there is a minimum safe rotor thickness I should be paying 
> > to?
> >
> > At the rate I'm going, if I stay with these rotors, I may wind up with
> > slotted rotors before the next front pads.
> >
> > Derek P
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