200tq20v Bigger Wheels

Brice Warnick brice2004 at webtv.net
Sun Apr 23 15:30:14 EDT 2006

I am in the market for bigger wheels for my 200tq20v. I have G60 brakes but plan on upgrading to Big Reds in the next couple years.
I do not track my car.
I want to stay with OEM wheels. No aftermarket.
I do not want to go any bigger than 17.
This is a link to the type of wheels I have been looking at. Avus style 17x7.5 45mm offset which are suppossed to be gauranteed to fit my car.


Maybe not the chrome but the same wheels which I can get for around $950 new.
What about the 45mm offset. Do our cars have a 32 or 35mm offset? If I go with a 45mm offset will I have to get longer bolts and add spacers?
What is a good OEM wheel that a majority of owners have chosen? 

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