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Phil Rose pjrose at
Sun Apr 23 21:50:10 EDT 2006

At 7:39 PM -0400 4/23/06, Brett Dikeman wrote:
>Yesterday's mail contained a recall notice for the 200q20v.
>Huh.  How many years late is that? :-)
>Oh, and the date on the notice: March 2006.

Brett, have you already had the rear speaker LM-recall work done? If 
not (e.g., perhaps you'd previously replaced the oem Bose with 
sumpin' else?), then perhaps Audi was just going the extra mile 
trying to communicate with owners who may have neglected to get the 
work performed. Both my cars have been done and I've not (yet) 
received a recent notice from AoA.

There have been no problems with our 2 sets of recall-updated rear 
speakers. But our red car's radio doesn't get played much since it's 
come down with the horrendous front-door speaker squawk syndrome. 
I've acquired the capacitor "kit" (per your DIY write-up), but I've 
been too lazy to take the door apart to install the components. In 
fact, that particular (red) '91 200q is about to be put up for 
sale--it's been made redundant by our brand spankin' new Audi, an A3 
3.2L V6 with DSG 6-spd. So maybe the need to sell our good ol' 
Tornado Red will finally motivate me to do the repair. Or not...

So...coming soon to an Audifans classified ad near you: our '91 200q 
(tornado red) in absolute stock condition with under 74K miles. Sport 
seats and excellent 15" BBS wheels/V-rated high performance rubber. 
Front speaker may need minor work, otherwise in fine fettle.


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