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At 12:49 PM -0400 4/24/06, Beer, Jerald S. wrote:
>Thanks guys. A few people have advised that is how Audi ships their
>cars. Less dealer cleanup. Now, if they would include the car cover with
>each new purchase.......sigh...

We  took delivery of our new Audi A3Q less than two weeks ago.  I was 
surprised to see that our car arrive at the dealership encased in an 
exotic-looking white cover, decorated with large red rings on all 

Unfortunately, by the time I saw our vehicle a few hours after it 
arrived, the local staff had already cut away the cover's rear window 
(plastic)  in order to gain better rearward visibility while 
maneuvering the car around the premises. So "my" cover was too 
damaged for me to want to keep it as a useful car cover. Also these 
covers do not actually cover over the front windshield--i.e., there's 
nothing but a large windshield-size opening up front and the edges of 
the opening are merely taped down to the windshield glass. To make 
these transport covers useful as a general purpose car cover, the 
front windshield opening would have to be modified (sealed off).

Oh, BTW, as to the cover actually protecting the car: my A3 arrived 
with a severe inch-long scratch through the paint of the front 
bumper. The dealer claims this damage was hidden beneath that 
protective cover when the car was delivered.


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