'91 20v Mileage

George Sidman sidman at webloq.com
Mon Apr 24 21:59:15 EDT 2006

I have been through periods of lower mileage numbers.  Once it fell off
significantly (at around 180,000 miles) so I changed the ping sensors, O2
sensor, put in a new rotor, wires and plugs, replaced all the vacuum lines
without even testing them, and replaced the Waste Gate Frequency Valve, the
multi function temp sensor, and the vacuum line from the waste gate forward.
It has run with good mileage since. I use fuel injector cleaner regularly,
run Mobile 1, and change the filter with every oil change.  I was surprised
that putting in the over-sized cats produced such an improvement, including
the long not-seen 1.8 bar.  Presently the car has 305,000 miles, runs great
but needs a new home……..


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