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I thought I'd heard another factor in the higher freeway fuel economy of the 
earlier 5k/100/200's was the higher final drive ratio.

Derek P

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Maybe it's a variation from car to car? My old '91 200q could achieve
26-27mpg on a long
highway cruise, with the A/C on, running 255mm summer tires and cruising at
a steady 85-90
the whole time. Lehmann chipset, 2.5 bar PT.

Now I couldn't get better than 17mpg around town in the same car with the
same tires and A/C
on, but the highway was the car's element.

I can't understand your neighbor- I would want the 20v simply for the more
sophisticated engine
management and better torque curve more than anything else. It's definitely
not an economy car-
that's the role of something like a Civic, which can easily do 34mpg in the

I wouldn't feel bad with the economy numbers you're posting- the Beetle
isn't much better- 20/25 city/highway
and that's a 2.slow slushbox that's not much fun to drive.


On 4/24/06, Ben Swann <benswann at> wrote:
>Agreed mostly, and yes I have chipped the 2c20v's and my chips are as good
>as the others you mentioned BTW and cost less.
>I disagree on the fuel mileage, I never had problem getting 28+ MPG
>and 24 around town a 5000 turbo Q avant and chipped cars do better than
>unchipped - go figure.  I have not been able to break 25MPG on the 2C20v's
>not bad, but around town they usually don't do better than 20.  You simply
>can not beat the earlier aerodynamic and lighter 5000 and 200 models which
>is on par with a lot or todays economy cars.
>Would I take an earlier 5k or 200 over a '91 - NO.  But my neighbor wants
>earlier model for the fuel economy, and I don't blame him.
>benswann at
>83 urq, /[][] =oooo= [][]\ alpine and Inga
>'90 Coupe Quattro (==\ oooo /==) ES2 Conversion
>91 200qa20v, [ =!\=oooo=/!= ] avant and sedan

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