Tires and A/C

Mark Trank MTrank at
Thu Apr 27 12:32:14 EDT 2006

Fellow listers:

Two issues:  

(1) The time has come to replace tires on the trusty 200q.  Believe it
or not, I am still running the OEM 15 inch wheels.  Current rubber is
the old Michelin XGTV4 (215-60-15).  At this point I do not want to
incur the expense of upgrading wheels so I need to stay with the current
sizes.  Any recommendations regarding tires to use are welcome!  

(2) A/C compressor is not functioning.  Tech checked it out after system
was blowing warm air, found sufficient freon and pressure in the system,
checked fuses, couldn't locate the source.  Any suggestions?  

Feel free to contact me off-list.

Thanks as always, Mark 

91 200q 126k miles

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