Plastic bumper 200q20v Digest, Vol 30, Issue 24

Brett Dikeman brett at
Thu Apr 27 23:05:47 EDT 2006

On Apr 25, 2006, at 12:26 PM, SuffolkD at wrote:

> This last sentence:
> "The dealer claims this damage was hidden beneath that protective  
> cover when
> the car was delivered."
> (to me) implied that they were deflecting attending to it, since it  
> didn't
> say they fixed it..

I kinda sorta read that the same way- that the dealer was either  
making excuses, or trying to deflect blame.  The dangers of reading  
between the lines :-)

MAC- A3 owner at this evening's big get-together in Waltham just got  
back from NHIS and said she loved it!  You should drive out, Phil!   
Hey, it's only...what, 7-8 hours? :-)


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