Transmission rebuilder?

Brett Dikeman quattro at
Tue Aug 1 00:39:01 EDT 2006

On Jul 31, 2006, at 9:27 PM, SuffolkD at wrote:

> Who would the list suggest sending a spare 200 20V tranny to for  
> checking out
> and possibly rebuilding?

I have the name of a guy who does Porsche transmissions- he does  
excellent work, and does it on the side in his spare time.  However,  
he's also pricey; for what he charges just to replace seals and some  
bearings,  you'd probably be much better off trying to get a new  
transmission from that guy in Germany that was exporting them, or  
talk to someone like Klaus Euromotive; I believe Glen told me they  
could get new 5-speed units very inexpensively, and new 6-speeds for  
a fair bit more (though less than what many others charged for 6- 
speeds, and with extra provisions like the oil pump, cooler hookups,  

Or, just keep the spare around, and wait until you need it.  When you  
do, rebuild the toasted one?

The Bentley does cover rebuilding the transmission and I don't think  
it is exactly rocket science...but I believe a decent number of  
specialized and/or measurement tools are needed, you'd need a really  
clean, large workspace, etc.


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