Air bag light

Mark Trank MTrank at
Tue Aug 1 13:08:12 EDT 2006

Dear Listers:

For quite some time I have had the air bag light on for the first 30
seconds or so when turning the car on.  I understand that this is fairly
common in our cars.  I didn't put much thought into it until today, when
my local garage told me the car failed state inspection (Virginia)
because of it.  I had the recall work on the air bag done years ago, and
am wondering (1) whether this is considered a recall issue or (2) if not
how difficult and expensive a repair job this is.  I don't plan to do it
myself so anyone who has had a tech or shop do it let me know if you
recall what you paid to have it done.  Many thanks, Mark

91 200q20v 126k

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