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Tue Aug 1 13:36:42 EDT 2006

At 12:21 PM -0400 8/1/06, James Miller wrote:
>I'm having issues with the car starting once it is warm.
>this is what is happening
>1.the car starts fine after sitting since the day before
>2. I drive 5 miles and stop and eat lunch
>3. when I return after 45 min. the car didn't start on the first try but
>fired up on the second try (it was about 80 degrees and the car was in the
etc., etc.

This is a quite frequently discussed symptom. The hot/warm starting 
difficulty is usually caused by a loss of pressure in your (car's) 
fuel line. This can be caused by several possible problems (i.e., 

1. The brass check-valve that is screwed into to the top your (car's) 
fuel pump is a very common reason for the symptoms you described; 
it's also about the cheapest item to replace. However if you've had 
the fuel pump replaced in recent years and the new pump is the 
so-called "slim" type, there is no separate check valve to fail. So 
best to consider other source(s) of leakage:

2. One or more leaky fuel injectors ($$)

3. Leaky fuel pressure regulator.

In my car the answer was #1. A new check valve is very inexpensive, 
although the replacement procedure requires as much work as changing 
the fuel pump itself. If you still are using the original pump (and 
especially if it's a noisy one) you might want to consider installing 
a new pump. BTW, even if there had been a new original-style pump 
("fat") installed in recent years,  the old check valve may have been 


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