Air bag light

Mark Trank MTrank at
Tue Aug 1 15:35:16 EDT 2006

An update on this.....After I explained to the shop this afternoon that
the light goes off after about a minute or so, and that this had been
occurring regularly ever since the dealer did the recall work on the air
bag sensor, my shop removed the "rejected" sticker, passed the vehicle
and didn't charge me anything.  So all's well that ends well, I guess!


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Sorry I can't say how much it would cost to fix or even if it can.  On
my wife's '91 100 the dealer did the recall a few years ago.  Since then
it has always taken  long (longer than 30 seconds ) for the light to go
out, but it always does.
As a thought, when the dealer did the car he didn't get it done right
away, he said he got the wrong part, after getting the next part it
still took some time, long enough to get us a loaner car.  I think when
they tested it it did what you and I see and thought it was still broke.
I'll be watching to see if anyone thinks this can be fixed.

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