Hot start-wont start

Kneale Brownson kneale at
Tue Aug 1 17:31:09 EDT 2006

You can test whether this is the case by squirting some cold water on the
hot sensor when the engine won't start and see if that makes it start.
Works on the V8, which is much more prone to this issue when the ignition
reference sender is failing.

At 12:57 PM 8/1/2006 -0700, Kenneth Keith wrote:

>The timing wheel sensors can go out and it is a heat-related failure.
>If you have access to another one to test, swap in a different sensor
>for counting flywheel teeth and see if that helps.  You may be able to
>learn something by swapping the sensors in their locations, since the
>other sensor only has to work some of the time.  If the ecu doesn't
>detect the engine turning, then it won't activate the fuel pump.
>I never heard of this failure until friend's 200q10v had it, and
>another guy immediately said that's what it was, and it was.  This car
>would run find until it got hot and then start dying like it had vapor
>lock or a fault fuel pump.  It wouldn't restart until it cooled off.
>Another used sensor fixed it.
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