coolant leak to timing belt job?

Steve Hauptmann vwaudiporschefan at
Wed Aug 2 09:16:33 EDT 2006

Ed, I think that's a good assesment. Yes the w/p is used to adjust/hold proper tension on the t-belt. Hopefully the pump bolts were not torqued properly and came loose a bit under the tension of the belt. I know that when I have done the t-belt on the 3b, I do not completely torque down those bolts until I've checked the belt tension. Then I go back and torque with a wrench. IMO, it would be easy for a mechanic, shade tree or otherwise, to get in a hurry and forget to go back to torque them. Of course broken bolts could have also caused the w/p to slip position. 
  The t-belt procedure on the 3b is very straight foward and you should have no problem if you have all the tools.
  Steve Hauptmann
  South Carolina
  Ed Kellock <ekellock at> wrote:
  My pursuit of a coolant leak in the Avant has uncovered a seriously loose
timing belt. I had thought the leak was suspiciously coming from an area
that could certainly have been from the w/p. None of the many small hoses,
buried by the now removed p/s pump seem to have been leaking. Is it true
that the timing belt tension is provided by adjusting the water pump? I
know that's how it is on the AAN but haven't played the t-belt game on a 3B
or any 10v motor before. My theory is that the water pump adjustment came
loose and the water leak is a symptom of that. Boy am I glad I parked it
and got the V8 t-belt done and out of the garage before digging into this.

The belt is so loose that I can wiggle it back and forth on the water pump
pulley. I could pop it off with one finger if I wanted to. I can bend the
belt 90 degrees with one finger. The opposite length of it between the cam
pulley and crank pulley is snug, but also easily turned 90 degrees.

I've got the Bentley out and will be reading up on timing belt tensioning
tonight in bed. Ooh baby.


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> It's fixed.
> The oil leak WAS the top rear sender. The $8 Beck/Arnley part
> turns out 
> to be a gen-you-wine Audi part, four rings, Audi part number, 
> and even 
> blue just like the EKTA says it should be.
> Installs in two minutes from above, a 15/16" open end wrench fits
> between the header pipes and lets the sender be properly tightened. 
> Another minute to reinstall the heat shield, and one more to put the 
> right air intake duct back on.
> Not a drop of oil leaking from the area any more. Yay! This
> thing runs 
> SO well . . .
> Now to resolve the warm-running problem, hopefully by picking
> a better 
> thermostat after reading the *entire* thread and seeing which 
> one works 
> for sure.
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