coolant leak to timing belt job?

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Wed Aug 2 11:52:14 EDT 2006

Your TB is hardly broken in yet. I run mine well into tripple digit mileage,
only changing after that point if I must be in there for something else.
Seal restoring snake oil beats seal changes every time.


> From: "Ed Kellock" <ekellock at>
> I'm with you on this all the way Bernie.  The t-belt was done 33k ago and it
> looks good as well.  I am hoping to get away with a simply readjustment of
> the tension.
> Thanks!
> Ed
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>> The 90 degree twist test is good enough for single cam S5s
>> but, IMO, not tight enough for the twin cams. Give it a
>> little more, but DF what AB!
>> Bernie
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>>> Subject: Re: coolant leak to timing belt job?
>>> Swinging the water pump is how you adjust the tension on a
>> 3B timing 
>>> belt, Ed.  Proper tension "test" according to Bentley is only being
>>> able to twist the belt "90 degrees with the thumb and
>> forefinger midway between the
>>> camshaft and the pump sprocket".   Doesn't specify any
>> measure for finger
>>> and thumb strength, of course.  More than likely, a leak
>> from the pump 
>>> means it's time to replace it and you might as well replace
>> the belt, 
>>> seals and idler while you're at it.
>>> At 11:23 PM 8/1/2006 -0600, Ed Kellock wrote:
>>>> My pursuit of a coolant leak in the Avant has uncovered a
>> seriously 
>>>> loose timing belt.  I had thought the leak was suspiciously coming
>>>> from an area that could certainly have been from the w/p.  None of
>>>> the many small hoses, buried by the now removed p/s pump
>> seem to have 
>>>> been leaking.  Is it true that the timing belt tension is
>> provided by 
>>>> adjusting the water pump?  I know that's how it is on the AAN but
>>>> haven't played the t-belt game on a 3B or any 10v motor
>> before.  My 
>>>> theory is that the water pump adjustment came loose and the water
>>>> leak is a symptom of that.  Boy am I glad I parked it and
>> got the V8 
>>>> t-belt done and out of the garage before digging into this.
>>>> The belt is so loose that I can wiggle it back and forth
>> on the water 
>>>> pump pulley.  I could pop it off with one finger if I
>> wanted to.  I 
>>>> can bend the belt 90 degrees with one finger.  The
>> opposite length of
>>>> it between the cam pulley and crank pulley is snug, but
>> also easily 
>>>> turned 90 degrees.
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