coolant leak to timing belt job?

Ed Kellock ekellock at
Thu Aug 3 01:59:18 EDT 2006

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So, I adjusted the timing belt and checked the engine timing.  All seems
well there.
The coolant that leaked when I loosened the w/p did drip from a different
area than the original leak.
I found that the thermostat housing bolts were barely tighter than finger
tight, the thermostat was in there pretty good though and took some gentle
prying to remove.  Nevertheless, under pressure, coolant could have leaked
from this area.  Also, the t-stat was not oriented properly.  The crossbar
was situated at about 9:30/3:30 instead of straight up and down as pictured
in Bentley.  The t-stat is a Wahler and looks to be in excellent condition.
It's date stamped 04/02.  I'm going to cook it up with the rest of the batch
and compare.
The lower rad hose clamps were not really that tight and the hose has been
trimmed at each end in the past.  Still seemed to fit without much stress
but this is one that must flex with the engine in relation to the radiator.
I may have come full circle though, back to the small rubber hose in the
turbo coolant hose.  Previously I did not think I saw any really obvious
signs of a leak there, but the clamps were also both not very tight and when
I put a shop light on the other side to shine through behind the back timing
belt cover, I did see some wetness there.  And this area is oriented such
that it would flow toward the passenger side of the block and could very
well be the source of the original leak.  When it was leaking, I
unfortunately released pressure in the system by loosening the rad cap
before I attempted to locate the leak.
I'm going to replace the turbo coolant line rubber portion with new clamps,
probably reuse the Wahler (as long as it cooks up ok) but with a new seal
and oriented properly straight up and down.  

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Well the w/p was not loose, in fact the bolts were probably overtorqued.  I
am able to adjust belt tension sufficiently with it.
However, that leaves the water leak.  So far I haven't changed out of my
work clothes so I didn't get underneath, but the w/p did leak when I
loosened the bolts and started moving it around so I would like to take a
look underneath and see where it is dripping from.
I have a feeling my leak was not the water pump.  I'm glad I found the loose
belt issue and hope that retensioning the belt will not cause a new leak at
the w/p.  
More later...


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