Clutch pedal broke!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What you do is shut the car off and put in 1st gear and start the car and drive it home. Just hope you do not have to stop to many times. I drove a 2002 with a popped clutch master cyl. from downtown San Diego to Yuma Az. when I was in the service. Had to get back to base!

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>Just curious, but how did you drive it without the clutch pedal? Sorry I
>don't have an extra one though.
>Spokane, WA 
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>I finally had some time to get the car running. Plus I had to get a smog
>test done.
>While out running the beast to get it warm and freshen things in the motor
>The clutch pedal broke ..............Damn............Yes the pedal assy. 
>itself I looked and can see where the casting is fractured at the top and
>has come apart.
>Drove it home w/o the clutch, needless to say the smog is not getting done
>So the question is.........Does some one have a pedal assembly out that they
>can sell me the clutch pedal?
>Chuck Pierce
>91 200tq 20v Avant
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