Inconsistent boost

Greg Watts kyle at
Mon Aug 7 01:17:35 EDT 2006

I have just recently encountered some boost problems. I have a Hoppen stage 2 chip, RS turbo and EM. Overall the car is running good, good steady idle, starts right up. 1st gear the car pulls strong to redline. In 2nd, if I floor it I get no kick at all, it will barely make 1.4 bar (as shown on the digital readout on the dash). I can play with the accelerator, gradually accelerating and can see it is trying to acheive some speed, I get some boost then it flattens out, then it kicks in again, then flattens out. 3rd, 4th and 5th are similar, although I have hit 1.7 bar, but it did it without alot of enthusiasm. I pulled all of the turbo/intercooler hoses and they are fine. Checked all of the vacuum hoses, replaced most of them, still the same performance. Pulled and cleaned all of the sensor, MAF etc plugs. I have been reading the SJM info and will start checking voltage etc but wanted to see if anyone had any I deas as troo what is causing this.


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