200 20V Exhaust system Upgrade

Huppert, Eric eric.huppert at us.army.mil
Tue Aug 8 10:56:08 EDT 2006

Now that i've sorted almost all the issues with the 20V I'm near ready to
install the ECU mods. Exhaust on the car isn't so great and i've been digging
around in the archives and other sites to determine what will work on the 200
Have seen reference to a dual into single (2" dual to 3" single) exhaust
Smallest "Flow M" Y collector (with 3" out ) is 2 1/4 "in". Guess i could use
a "bushing" to drop the 2 1/4 down to 2". Or, could go with 2" in, 2 1/2 out
and use a adapter to the 3" pipe. (Hate bushings/adapters on a new system!)
Not quite sure if dimensions on these pieces are ID or OD, but could make it
work regardless
Thinking of replacing center muffler with Dynomax Magnum bullet muffler.
Fairly cheap and can always replace with something else later if i don't like
it! (more for resonance issues than sound)
Currently have two 3" mufflers (in the garage) i can try on the rear, a FM 40
Delta Flow, and a Race Magnum. Planning on using band sytle clamps so as not
to crush pipes, etc. so i can swap stuff around later. These mufflers are not
neccasarily my "final choice", i have them already and can see how they
Muffler tips: Have searched fairly extensively for 3" DTM style tips (single
and/or double). 3" in seems to be be readily available. Matter of fact, 3" in
seems to be fairly rare aside from some truck exhaust. Think i could fairly
easily cut and bend/weld a DTM look-alike single tip)
Will install the y pipe and resonater myself, then take the car in to have
the pipes bent at a local independent owned shop. (Light throttle only!!!)
Will already have muffler prepped with hangers, etc so it can be fitted at
shop prior  to driving.
Think i can do this system fairly inexpensively.
Thoughts, suggestions, BTDT???

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